Smart adapter for X Cameras

Steelsring Smart AF EF/FX Adapter


  • The built-in lens database includes around 400 EF mount lenses information from Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Cosina, and others, make sure accurate EXIF recording in your shootings.
  • Support EF and EF-s mount AF lenses and MF lenses, both USM and STM lenses. (see NOTE 1)
  • Support PDAF and CBAF, AF performance is under consistent tuning and improvement, it is firmware updatable.
  • Lens aperture is controllable through FUJI camera body’s command dial
  • Support Image Stabilization of EF and EF-s lenses.
  • MF lenses with no electronic pins contact is mountable, but no EXIF info will be recorded.
  • Detachable Arca-Swiss quick load plate for Tripod mounting
  • Built-in USB port for firmware update by customer itself.
NOTE: 1) Only Canon and Sigma Lenses will be tested in the factory, lens compatibility and performance of other brands are not guaranteed.

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Steelsring Smart AF Nikon F/FX  Adapter

In development now, stay tuned.