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News Update

  • 2020/02/24
  •  2020/02/06
    • Steelsring EF-NZ v1.07 Firmware Update, for bug fix, download it here, for details see release notes , updated user manual.
    • EF/GFX 2.12 firmware release, please visit here
  • 2019/12/29
    • NIKON/GFX and EF/NZ adapters open for sales now with limited supply, order it here.  For biz talk , write to support<at>steelsring.com please.
  • 2019/12/25, World wide first EF-NZ dual mode Smart AF Lens Adapter, announced,  please see here

EF-NZ Dual-mode Smart AF Adapter for Nikon Z

Dual working mode: Z-mount native lens emulation mode (works like S lens) and F-mount lens adapter mode (works like FTZ adapter), pursuing the best balance of performance and compatibility.

Learn more about demo videos and sample images here.

Smart AF Adapters for Fujifilm GFX Cameras

steelsrings gfx adapter

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Smart AF Adapters for Fujifilm X Cameras

Coming soon …

Nikon F / GFX Smart AF Adapter

Nikon F / FX Smart AF Adapter

More to be announced …

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